Introduction to 5G
5G Deployment
NFV in 5G
5G For Utility Companies
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In focus

Mobile communication has seen massive growth from last decade due to its evolution and deep penetration in the society. Every new generation brought in new changes to the system such as high data-rates and higher data speeds.

From the last decade, mobile communication has seen substantial growth. Every new generation in the Telecommunication world inaugurated new ameliorations and new challenges

NFV is central concept in 5G technology. This paper gives a brief overview of NFV – its architecture, benefits and how 5G implements network slicing. It also describes steps in building an NFV Ready Network.

The Utility companies fulfill the needs of modern societies to sustain a healthy and happier life by providing services such as water Supply, electric supply, waste Management, and gas supply, etc.

With the arrival of 5G, the operators will have to upgrade their existing network to provide 5G services to the subscribers

Unified Data Management (UDM) is a centralised way to control network user data. It is like 4G/LTE’s Home Subscriber Service (HSS) but is cloud-native and designed for 5G. The function of the HSS in the 5G network is split into the Authentication Server Function (AUSF) and the UDM.

IWF Opportunities in 5G

IWF Opportunities in 5G

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Voice Over 5G

Voice Over 5G

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